Thursday, 2 April 2009

Days of Nick 2

An anonymous insider re the "sonofaswish" Toronto Sun file mentioned in the previous posting:

"The file containing all the hilarious bad copy was called 'swish' and when management decreed that copy editors had to remove it from the system (too many sensitive reporters were upset with it; they thought they were being made fun of), it went underground and was reborn sonofaswish.

"Not really sure why the original was called swish other than to surmise that that is the term used when a basketball goes through the basket touching nothing but net. Poor copy would work its way through the system in a similar manner. I guess."

TSF would have a field day with the "sonofaswish" file. Wonder if any of our GA work made the file.

One of our favourites that got past the editors involved a man who was "electrocuted" recovering nicely in hospital.

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