Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New PKP duties

PKP, who took personal control of Sun Media last year, has assumed more Quebecor Media responsibilities with the sudden resignation of CFO Louis Morin.

Morin, a former Bombardier CFO, was named vice president and chief financial officer of Quebecor Media in January 2007. PKP says he will assume his responsibilities on an interim basis "with the support of two long-time associates," Denis Sabourin, vice president and corporate controller, and Jean-Fran├žois Pruneau, treasurer.

PKP, president and chief executive officer of Quebecor Inc., has been busy reshaping Sun Media since former Sun Media chief Michael Sifton left in November.

The Marketwire press release did not give a reason for Morin's departure.

The Globe and Mail's Grant Robertson provides an interesting Quebecor shakeup backgrounder today.


  1. I find it interesting that a person with degrees in law and philosophy thinks he's the best candidate within the Quebecor ranks to fill the post of CFO on an interim basis.

    What next? Does he think he could be the top IT guru? An HR wizard? A marketing genius?

  2. Maybe PKP will take over all duties at all Sun/Quebecor papers. If he can do the top couple of jobs, then he should be able to do them all.

  3. And the ones he can't do he'll just outsource them to India.

  4. Will PKP let the editors in India have cable and water coolers?