Friday, 3 April 2009

30 - TorSun ME?

Insiders say the Toronto Sun will not name a new managing editor, allowing a traditional, vital newsroom management position to fade to black.

If accurate, the late, great Ed Monteith, a veteran Sun managing editor considered the rock of the newsroom from Day One, is rolling in his grave.

As is Doug Creighton, his longtime friend and Tely/Sun colleague, former Tely managing editor and founding publisher of the Sun.

For the uninitiated, a managing editor is a senior member of the newsroom team, most often second in command to the editor-in-chief.

We are beginning to understand why Michael Burke-Gaffney, who retired as managing editor on Tuesday after 29 years in the Sun newsroom, called it quits at 59.

Just about all of the editors and management that took the tabloid to competitive heights in the 1970s, '80s and early '90s have vacated the building.

The added workload, shared by those who remain, has created a sweatshop environment with penny-pinching cutbacks that push Canadian journalism back into the dark ages.

Who's next at the profitable Toronto Sun? Lou Clancy and his editor-in-chief position? Rob Granatstein and his editor position? James Wallace and his deputy editor position? Lorrie Goldstein and his associate editor position?

With outsourcing and pockets of people at "centres of excellence" across the province, all positions in PKP's cookie cutter newspapers are dispensable.


  1. Now wait a minute. With reporters and copy editors being slashed, why shouldn't management take a hit, too? Most metro newsrooms are overmanaged.

  2. from Rob Granatstein's Sunday column:

    Finally, the Sun said goodbye to one of its longest (and longest-serving) drivers this past week. Managing Editor Mike Burke-Gaffney retired and will now restrict his driving to the greens, giving up the daily marathon QEW commute. MBG, as he's affectionately known, is one of the great behind-the-scenes journalists here at the Sun. He also manned the ship on the Sun's most successful nights -- Blue Jays' World Series victories. Like all of our recent departees, MBG will be missed in our newsroom. Hit 'em straight, Mike.