Sunday, 5 April 2009

Biz notes query

The Toronto Sun's Money page had four "biz notes" on Friday - three with Canadian Press credits and one with an Associated Press credit.

Saturday's Sun also had four biz notes - all with QMI Agency credits.

Are QMI Agency briefs CP and AP rewrites, or original content from the keyboards of Sun Media staffers?

Back in the day at the Sun, copies of the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star would arrive at the city desk by cab fresh off their presses and the city desk would clip and say "make it ours."

Making it ours involved a quick rewrite or some phone calls to add fresh quotes and, most of the time, the rewrites did not credit the competition.

So rewrites from other print media sources are nothing new. We're just wondering if that is how, overnight, all of the biz notes went from CP and AP to QMI.

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