Friday, 3 April 2009

More changes

Words from our TSF tipsters:

Tip 1: The "centre of excellence" in Woodstock will apparently begin laying out the Belleville Intelligencer this weekend.

Tip 2: Effective Monday, Apr. 6, there will be a reduction of four pages from the Peterborough Examiner's Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday editions. No word on possible layoffs.

Tip 3: A Quebecor Media memo to publishers: You'll need to drop Canwest News services. We will use internal content Sun Media, (QMI Agency).

Tip 4: The centralized hub in Woodstock will cost the Simcoe Reformer another body.

1 comment:

  1. Tip 5: If they say they are being open, honest, upfront and not hiding anything...they've been talking about it for months, working on making it happen before the end of the next quarter and really are hiding their plans from everyone until the sledge hammer crashes down.