Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pembroke -30

The Pembroke Daily Observer is losing its mailroom to Ottawa, with seven full-time and 23 part-time workers being told by Sun Media today they are out the door in 60 days.

The former Osprey Media daily will see its mailroom operations transferred to Sun Media's Ottawa operations effective June 27, says the Observer story.

The story says the pink-slipped employees can apply for jobs "at other plants operated by Osprey and its parent company, Sun Media."

Slim chance of that happening. Sun Media's track record of rehiring laid off workers is dismal, starting with the loyal Toronto Sun pressroom and mailing room workers axed when the presses at 333 were silenced.

Meanwhile, the Observer story says the mailroom move to Ottawa is "part of a regional re-organization and consolidation of operations at a number of Sun Media publications, in addition to the Daily Observer."

We call it minimalist print newspaper publishing.

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  1. PKP is axing so much, pretty soon there will be no newspapers at all. Did some newspaper piss him off years ago and this is his revenge??