Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Memo time

This memo, says a reliable TSF tipster, comes from the desk of Glenn Garnett:

Subject: Coming soon . . . national business page

Folks: From the people who brought you the daily Comment and Comics pages comes an exciting new half-broadsheet page looking at the daily catastrophe that is the national and world economy.

This new centralized Money page, produced by your friends at the London Free Press and assisted by our central graphics desk, will include the story and business picture of the day, briefs, market indicators, scary graphics and more, and will be posted to the bulletin board Tuesdays through Fridays.

We expect to begin moving this daily PDF beginning the week of April 20 - more details to follow.



  1. focusing, no doubt, on the thriving Eglington business improvement association

  2. That's so typical of Sun Media "managers" starting and ending notes to staff with "Folks" and "Cheers" - we've all seen it, we all laugh at it and they don't even know how phony and superficial their attitude appears.