Friday, 17 April 2009

Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner, Citytv's popular speak-your-mind-for-a-buck video booth, bit the dust last August, but it is not forgotten.

This YouTube rant posted yesterday by Brian Vollmer, Helix's veteran vocalist in response to a Darryl Sterdan entertainment story, reminds us of Speakers Corner.

Brian, there are two "rs" in Darryl, but you do get your point across loud and clear.

We might have missed it, but have any online newspapers set up a Speakers Corner via YouTube or their own video feedback forum? That would be an Internet draw.


  1. Seriously, who wakes up, reads an article on Gino Vanelli and considers it a personal attack? Darryl Sterdan -- who I do not know and is not a colleague -- is a knowledgeable, fair and open-minded music writer who I respect a great deal. I love Brian Vollmer's passion for his band but he is being unfair here. Yes, the fact the men in Helix, Harlequin, Trooper, etc., are still on the road working is admirable; never liked their music but at least they are real musicians playing to a fan base that still loves them. Nothing wrong with that. But the same thing can be said about Vanelli. Helix records aren't reviewed? Well, neither are 95% of albums reviewers are sent. There's no critical mass of readers curious about new Helix albums; if there were, Helix would still be a priority act on a major in this country. And, yes, I'm sure Helix has played to tens of thousands of fans: on bills where they are not the headliner. Coming through my town, Helix and the bands he mentions play college pubs to a few hundred students. Let's be real here: Helix's audience has become more, um, selective since 1984. Brian -- keep rockin', keep entertaining the fans, but remember you can't build yourself up by knocking others down. Whether that's Darryl Sterdan or Gino Vanelli.

  2. "We might have missed it, but have any online newspapers set up a Speakers Corner via YouTube or their own video feedback forum? That would be an Internet draw."

    The idea to do a web-based Speakers Corner was suggested to a certain newspaper several years ago. Would have been a world first for newspapers. They just laughed at the idea.

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  4. What is the point of running that last post? I don't even know to whom it's directed. It's just idiotically contentious - trollism by definition. I understand you've been dutifully filtering out libel and anonymous character assassination. But if you're going to that, then obvious trolls posting anonymously should also be considered filter-debris. Online ignorance is depressing enough that we shouldn't be exposed to it gratuitously.
    I make it a point not to argue with anonymice, and if that's where this is going, I think I'll just lurk.
    As for the Helix singer, he's obviously frustrated at his band's lack of media attention, but he lashed out inappropriately and at the wrong guy.

  5. Re April 18, 1:07 a.m. anonymous comment: It got by us like a front page Sun typo. The point of our original post was to highlight the concept of allowing Toronto Sun video feedback on or via YouTube, not the merit of the content.