Monday 3 October 2011

15 Norm Betts

A salute to The 62

Norm Betts posed with Day Oner photo amigos Dave Cooper and Jac Holland for Ron Poulton's 1976 Life In A Word Factory book. There they stood in their hastily-prepared darkroom in the Eclipse White Wear Building ready to take on the world. Norm,  a University of British Columbia grad, shone as a news and sports photographer at the Tely and Sun, but he is also remembered as the Sunshine Girl photographer who pushed the envelop. His girls became pinup classics and by the time full colour arrived in 1975 with the move to 333 King St. E., he was the hero of male readers. On the news and sports front, Norm's camera magic was frequently on the same plateau as Boris Spremo, another Toronto print media legend who was always focused on The Shot. One of those shots for Norm was of an amused Princess Diana, who fancied his cap with the bird on top. His Tely/Sun years came to an end in 2000. He is now an independent, snapping photos for Bloomberg News and wowing rodeo fans with stunning photos taken on the Canadian circuit. Forever young behind the lens. 

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