Monday 24 October 2011

Chris Gillespie

Memories of the Sun - Chris Gillespie

I was let go in 2006 in a shocker of a day! 

I had been in my 20th year at the Sun, depressed at the fired or laid off staffers before me.  From the moment I walked into work that day, I could smell a rat. As fate would have it, both my sister and I were let go the same time that day with me trying to call her and her trying to call me not knowing we both had been let go in different corners of the building.

Things have worked out much better for me, however I will never work for a great group of REAL people again. We all were truly a family. We were all friends.

I miss everyone at the Sun, from Trudy, Paul, JD, Peter, Huffer, Chris K, and all the so many other genuine people who gave me a chance.

I miss Doug, and Bob MacDonald who used to slash the hell out of me in front of the net when we played hockey. I still wear the welts. 

I miss all the guys I played baseball or hockey with all those years.

I miss the ski trips I used to organize.

I hope you are all doing well. I will see you all again on November 1.

Chris Gillespie 1986-2006 

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