Thursday 6 October 2011

Donato appeal

Andy Donato's name isn't on Toronto's Italian Walk of Fame, but it should be.

There he was last night at the opening of his new art show standing between Bill Davis, former premier of Ontario, and Roy McMurtry, former attorney general.

At 75, Andy has been an influential and award-winning Canadian editorial cartoonist for more than four decades, first at the Toronto Telegram and at the Toronto Sun since 1971.

Over the years, he has mentored young artists and donated cartoons to the National Archives of Canada and to universities in Canada and the United States.

Andrew Antonio Donato is proud of his Italian heritage, often visiting Italy to paint its landscapes, towns and cities for future art shows at Columbus Centre in Toronto, a centre for all things Italian.

His new four-week show - From Toronto to Tuscany, From Tybee to Twillingate - is at the Lawrence Ave. W. centre through Nov. 1. 

Last night, Andy, looking as fit as any Harvey Brooker weight loss billboard model, welcomed Davis, McMurtry and a large crowd of Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery attendees.

Sun photo vet Michael Peake was there, as were Christina Blizzard, Mike Strobel, Ron Base, Hartley Steward, Bob MacMillan, Linda Leatherdale and Dr. G. from Sun circles.

And, as always, Dianne Jackson, Andy's artistic soul mate.  

We look forward to a gathering of Italian Walk of Fame nominees in Little Italy, with Andy's name on the list. He deserves recognition from the Italian community.