Saturday 15 October 2011

Last call, authors

Last call for Toronto Sun employees who have had books published in the past 40 years.

We added Toronto Sun vet Ian Robertson to the author list this week, bringing the total to 54 men and women who have written books on a wide variety of topics.

Robertson, Ian: Prince Edward County: An Illustrated History, 2009, County Magazine Print Shop, 228 pages, co-authored with Steve Campbell, and Janet Davies. (NF)

More than 50 authors is a feather in the caps of the people who did the hiring at the Sun.  

Impressive, but the list still does not feel complete.

We're hoping the prolific Peter Worthington has another book to write. Also have our fingers crossed for a book of Andy Donato's favourite cartoons from 40 years at the Sun.

Faithful readers of Michele Mandel's crime columns are probably anticipating a true crime book from her.

And we're surprised Mark Bonokoski hasn't penned a book about his eventful years in journalism, from crime in the streets of T.O. to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We are also missing a book by one of the tabloid's award winning photographers, sharing the highly competitive print media atmosphere during the glory years.

All Sun vets have stories to share and share they should before the cobwebs cloud the mind and distort the events.

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