Tuesday 4 October 2011

40th section

There are signs of life at the Toronto Sun as it nears its 40th anniversary on Nov. 1.

It's not news of an open party, with Quebecor coughing up cash for a bash, mind you. 

Ian Robertson, a Sun vet, is appealing for comments from current and former Toronto Sun employees for a special 40th anniversary section in the paper.

And an email has been sent to most departments for Top 40 submissions, with an Oct. 21 possible deadline.

Ian tells TSF:

"The Sun is celebrating our 40th anniversary with another special edition - final format and size haven't been selected.

"I'm putting together stories, interviews, etc., including seeking 40-word (max) recollections by staffers, present and past.

"I must have them by Oct. 21 and, alas, based on whatever size they provide, there's no guarantee all will make it.

"Earlier the better, I'd like to feature everyone I can.

"I've noticed a few posted here (at TSF) and would like to be able to use a bit from each, but would need your permission."

Permission granted, Ian, with proper attribution to TSF for content used.

Ian can be reached at ian.robertson@sunmedia.ca

Meanwhile, Kevin Hann has sent this memo to department heads:

"Hi guys . . .

"Here's what we need from your departments so far for the 40th anniversary section. No idea how big it will be at this point.

"We will also compile a list of awards won by Sun staff. If you want to send them along to Ian Robertson, or staff want to send them, he's putting it together.

"I'm guessing deadline will be Friday, Oct. 21 but will keep you posted when I hear from Advertising.

"Any suggestions welcome.


1. 40 biggest sports stories of past 40 years. Could be something like this . . .

NOVEMBER 1981: Led by QB Joe Barnes coming off the bench in the third quarter, the Argonauts defeat the BC Lions for their first Grey Cup win in 31 years.

2. Lankhof piece on how the Toronto sports landscape has changed in the past 40 years. From Ballard to McNall to Stavros, etc. 1,000 words

3.40 athletes who starred for Toronto teams.


1. 40 greatest concerts in Toronto since 1971 (Teenage Head at Ontario Place!)

2. 40 greatest shows (theatre or otherwise)

3. 40 greatest albums

Any other ideas welcome. Hawk told me about your Day Oners idea that would be cool.

Could all be point form.


1. 40 most memorable photos by Sun photogs since 1971 (include date and any relevant info). Julie Kirsh has pix from our photo book in system.

2. 40 memorable Sunshine Girls (including Diana)

End of memo.

Hann's memo covers sports, entertainment and photo. What about the Top 40 news stories, as selected by editors?

Or the Top 40 front pages?

Or the Top 40 editorial cartoons?

Back to Ian's request for comments from current and former employees. His invite opens the door for TSF readers who have been reluctant to comment on this blog.

We will submit our 40 tight and bright words to Ian.

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