Thursday 13 October 2011

Williams book

Longtime news hounds Cal Millar and Ian Robertson have teamed up to write a book about the Russell Williams sex assaults and murder spree.

Millar, author of two cold case books about murder victims and missing women, men and children, has been a crime reporter for the Toronto Telegram, Toronto Sun and Toronto Star.

Robertson has been a Toronto Sun reporter for almost 25 years, covering just about every subject for the tabloid, including crime and the Williams case.

"Yes, Cal and I are teamed up," Ian tells TSF. "We're very good pals and have much in common as journos. He asked me to join him and I readily agreed.

"Cal has a drive, work ethic, strong abilities and a decency I much admire. He's also a heck of a fun story-teller."

Cal's two books are Find My Killer and the recently released I'm Missing - Help Find Me.

Ian is not a stranger to publishing. He co-authored Prince Edward County: An Illustrated History  with two friends, Steve Campbell and Janet Davies, in 2009.

He said the book was "carrying on a tradition of history fact and story-telling I've enjoyed since 1976 in my publisher-pal's quarterly County Magazine, as his associate editor.

"Getting paid to learn about our country's past is a bonus. The challenge is my inspiration."

Ian has also been a consulting editor for Canadian Stamp News since 1987.

Something tells us the Millar/Robertson collaboration will lead to a well-researched book about Williams and the crimes he committed. 

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