Tuesday 18 October 2011

Ignore Sun?

Some Occupy Toronto advocates say the movement should ignore the Toronto Sun and not post links to the tabloid on its website.

"Please stop posting links to the sun," says Nicka. "We know they do not respect us, stop sending traffic their way. Instead, we should post links to articles supporting the cause."

Others disagree.

"While Sun Media post despicable things about occupy they have nonetheless the ears & eyes of a few people. If this 99% is true to being 99% then we cannot ignore them. Since when does ignoring a bully ever work anyway?"


"The Suns bias is obvious but to completely ignore a section of the population and just pretend it’s not there won’t help either. They are a part of the 99% whether you like it or not and we should do our best to educate them when/where ever possible."

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