Saturday 1 October 2011

Canoe -4

The same day Sun Media was beating its chest over NADbank's print and web stats, Quebecor was pink-slipping four staffers.

A TSF tipster says the four Canoe staffers axed include a vet of the "Canadian Online Explorer" site.

It seems the only time TSF hears about Canoe it is for layoffs. Just how many people are  left to run the show there these days?

The tipster didn't have names, but we'll use them if the casualties want to have a say.

Speaking of NADbank, here are the readership results - based on the number of print and online readers, not the number of papers sold. 

The bottom line is print continues to carry the ball, especially at the Toronto Sun. Its online figures are a distant third behind the Star and Globe.

To be fair, for graphics and ease of use, has improved considerably in the past year, so we'd expect those Weekly Online stats from the fall of 2010 to the spring of 2011 to improve with the next survey.


  1. Yep the company preaches web, web, web first and of course, get rid of the web people. Makes sense!

  2. Like everything else about this company, its actions continually contradict the messages that our publishers tell us everyday. We have a workforce that has become so totally skeptical about the messages that we get every day it's a strain not to break out in hilarious laughter whenever the publisher visits and delivers another 'message' to staff

  3. It was a sad day to see Thorsten go. He should have been running the show. Many believe he became a liability to some. A great loss to Canoe, I’m sure he’ll do fine. Good luck to you!