Thursday 20 October 2011

28 Cal Millar

A salute to The 62

Cal Millar
Cal Millar: As a youngster, Cal dreamed of working for the Toronto Telegram. His adult journey began in October 1963 at the Peterborough Examiner, followed by the Windsor Star. In February 1967, the Tely hired him as a reporter/photographer and gave him the Etobicoke area to cover, including committee and council meetings. But with his spot news and cop desk experience in Peterborough and Windsor, he was soon sharing the Ontario rover beat with Ken Robertson. Filling in on the night police desk for a month turned into a full-time assignment. His first Tely headline story was on April 28, 1967, the abduction of young Marianne Schuett in Kilbride. As noted in his Sun memories, four years later he was about to get married when told the Tely was folding. He gladly joined the Sun crew - on the police desk with Ken Robertson. Doug Creighton knew Cal's police and fire contacts would be invaluable to the new crime-oriented tabloid and they paid off handsomely until April of 1983 when he moved to the Toronto Star. After retiring in 2004, Cal used his 40-year cops and robbers experience to write two books and counting: Find My Killer and I'm Missing - Please Find Me. The latter includes the unsolved Marianne Schuett abduction. His next book, in the works with Sun vet Ian Roberston, will be about the Russell Williams case.

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