Monday 31 October 2011

A Rosie gem

The Toronto Star's Rosie DiManno says it all about media conglomerates and the state of print media in her column today:

"It’s not that newspapers are dying because they’ve reached a point of extinction, a selected media Darwinism. It’s because they’re being stabbed in the back by those operating from within the boardrooms.
"We’re deliberately weaning readers off the tactile experience of newspapers by luring them to instant, sloppy, error-riddled, cursorily edited reportage. Then we wonder why circulation is declining? Like I said, dumb as a bag of hammers, the ruling elite in my business. But they’ll retire to lives of leisure and financial security."

Bravo, Rosie.  

Canadian media have been all too silent about the rush to the Internet at the expense of print media. Exhibit A is Sun Media.

1 comment:

  1. Some would say that a globetrotting gossip columnist with an enormous expense account is part of the " ruling elite ". Meanwhile, there are no substantive suggestions to counter the blame she is quick to throw around. If a magic solution for our business could so easily be found I suspect she could have held one organization up as an example. Instead of dumping on the industry.