Saturday 22 October 2011

You said it

A posted comment:

"Keep in mind that this will be the last such anniversary party. After this, existing staffers won't care, ex-staffers will have long since moved on, and future staffers will have no knowledge of, and no connection to, Sun history. 

"Quebecor will never do anything to revive it. It's proven time and again that it doesn't care for its employees or its readers.

"The 50th anniversary will just be another date on the calendar assuming the Toronto Sun newspaper still exists then.

"This is it folks. Last one to leave turn off the lights."


  1. The worst thing about this blog are the ongoing anonymous comments. And you know what, it's because it's just difficult to figure out how to leave anything else but!

  2. Anonymous said...

    What a silly comment. Existing staff won't care! I care. I will always care. Every day, I walk into the Sun building, I choose my attitude. I choose to be positive and I choose to be thankful for the fact that the Toronto Sun has employed me for over 25 years. I know that I have lost a lot of perks that were promised when I started at the Sun, but instead of moaning and complaining about it, I have accepted the fact that times have changed and newspapers have changed. My salary is still quite competitive and I can pay my mortgage, put food on my table and enjoy the odd trip.

    Sun Management has had to make a lot of very difficult and unpopular decisions over the years in order for the Sun to keep afloat.

    The Sun is not the cash cow that everyone seems to think it is - not many newspaper in Toronto or the world for that matter are.

    I am sorry to all the people that have lost their jobs over the years, but let's admit that the Sun has been more than fair with their packages. Losing a job is difficult and can put a huge strain on anyone. Accept it, move on and remember the good times you had and the good friends you made.

    To all the present Sun staffers who are miserable - choose your attitude each and every day. If you are having a crappy time, then it's your fault not the Sun's. You get paid every two weeks and to me that's a real positive because there are a lot people out there that wish that they had your job!

    Thank you to the Toronto Sun for hosting the party at Pier 4 - I am really looking foward to it. I will, hopefully, look forward to the 45th and 50th and if I am not an employee, then I will remember the good times and move on.
    22 October, 2011 10:20 PM

  3. T0 10:20 p.m.: If you are so positive about the Toronto Sun, why post anonymously? Sandra Macklin makes a valid point above about the large volume of anonymous comments posted by TSF readers in the past five years. If you live in fear of being fired for speaking your mind about a company that promotes freedom of speech but doesn't allow it, or just for being a TSF reader, perhaps that is a legitimate reason for anonymity, but if you are as positive as you are about the Sun, why be yet another "anonymous" TSF reader? If you are a journalist, all the more reason to put a name to your thoughts. Or do you fear even positive comments about the Sun on TSF might come back to bite you in the ass?

  4. Must be nice to have a competitive salary at the Sun... didn't know anyone still did!! Because those hired within the last 10 years certainly don't.

  5. Well then how about you go somewhere where you can get a competitive salary or stop your complaining!

    I am sure that there are a lot people who would love to take your job and they'd do it with a smile.