Saturday 8 October 2011

21 Bob MacDonald

A salute to The 62

Bob MacDonald spent 55 years in Canadian newsrooms before losing a 14-year battle with prostate cancer. Some of those years were spent at the Toronto Star and Toronto Telegram, but more than three of those decades were as "the anchor" in the Toronto Sun newsroom. The Nova Scotia native shone from Day One, with his front page story: A $10M Goof. He was still intent on writing the next column when he died at 76 on Feb. 26, 2006. His full name was Robert William MacDonald, but he was "Bob" to all, be they conservative, liberal, socialist or communist, although, along with Lubor Zink and Peter Worthington, there was definitely no coddling of the latter. Bob, a mentor to many and a friend of AA, was athletic in his youth and played hockey into his 70s. Father of Sun education columnist Moira MacDonald, Bob taught his daughter well. Come Nov. 1, a MacDonald will have been in the Sun newsroom for 40 years.  A worthy notation in the history of the tabloid.

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We want to give everyone the opportunity to mark the 40th anniversary.

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