Tuesday 11 October 2011

Never mind

A TSF reader says Sun Media's outsourcing service is Affinity, not Infinity.

"Wrong company. It's Affinity that Sun Media uses. They do great work on short order. They do a lot of work for The Star as well so it's not just Sun Media out sourcing production."

Affinity's online presence is much more professional than the Infinity site we mentioned in a previous post, but no matter what the service is called, outsourcing is outsourcing and foreign lands are foreign lands.

It all adds up to local jobs lost.


  1. They also do some production work for Postmedia.

  2. Regardless of which India-based company it is, I've still seen ads come back with a lot of spelling errors in them.
    I've also known a lot of graphic designers who were ambushed one day when they showed up for work, only to find their jobs were sent out of the country.

  3. Welcome to the global economy folks! Check the "Made in" stickers on everything on your desk. Bet they used to make those in Canada!

  4. Try explaining the "global economy" concept to a client who is getting their ads designed by a local graphic designer at the other local paper. While you're waiting for the proof to come back from India, the other paper can have its graphic designer do it right there for the advertiser.