Sunday 30 October 2011

39-42 Mesngers

A salute to The 62, or so
39 - Jim Thomson was one of four messengers at the Sun on Day  One, and is one of four remaining Day Oners on the job, along with Peter Worthington, Andy Donato and Christina Blizzard. Jim eventually worked his way into the graphics department, becoming  an unsung  hero who gave the tabloid its quality colour front pages and eye-catching photos and graphics throughout the paper. Over the years, he has dabbled in reporting, writing travel stories etc. In 1994, he inherited the weekly television guide video column from John Cosway and wrote it for more than a decade until it was axed. Today, Jim is the Sun's photo editor, working with photo vets Michael Peake, Stan Behal and others.
40 - Frank Benedetti, one of Andy Donato's uncles, was the talk of the Sun because he owned a 1955 Cadillac. A baker by trade, Frank delivered bread from an Italian bakery on Elm Street to the Italian community in Toronto, says Andy. As a Sun Day Oner, he was responsible for getting the daily layouts to Inland Publishing in Mississauga and there are stories to be told about car problems and missed deadlines. Andy says Frank worked at the Sun into the early 1980s and died 18 years ago.

41 - Jim Walsh - Where now? 

42 - Graham Evoy - Where now?

 If you are a Toronto Sun Day Oner and have a bio or memories to share, please email with a photo before Nov. 1.

If you are one of the hundreds of men and women in all departments who followed The 62 and want to share your memories of the Toronto Sun, email TSF.

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