Saturday 29 October 2011

Betty's it is

The third Toronto Sun 40th anniversary party?
Pssst, it's at Betty's, Tuesday, 7 p.m. to who knows when. 

Hoist a few to Doug Creighton and the 40th anniversary of that tabloid across the street.
It started with Tim Fryer and Woody McGee, two former veteran Sun desk aces, casualties of the Quebecor crunch, agreeing to meet for a few beers to mark the anniversary.

Then they decided to invite selected people to The Rim Pigs Ball via private Facebook  messages.

But the Facebook invite went viral and, at last count, 28 people have posted messages saying "see you at Betty's."

"John, I've had my thinking corrected since this party (originally just me and Timmy getting together for a beer) has gone viral," says Woody. "So feel free to mention the event on your blog."
Some Toronto Sun Family members who are going to the Westin party for former employees and the secretive Pier 4 party for current employees say they will also be swinging by Betty's.
Three parties, one clear message: Friendships made at the Sun over the decades are binding.  

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