Thursday 27 October 2011

Author No. 57

The Toronto Sun Family's list of authors inches closer to 60 with the addition of three books by Gary Dunford, the tabloid's popular former Page 6 columnist.  

Gary is author No. 57.

Dunford, Gary: Good Buy, Canada, 1975, co-authored with Murray Soupcoff and Rick Salutin, J. Lorimer & Company, 100 pages (NF); Never Sit Where the Cat Sat: Gags, Giggles and Gossip, 1980, Best Sellers, Inc., 180 pages (NF); There's A Leak In My Litterbox: Laughs, Gaffes and Depression Cures, 1982, Best Sellers, Inc., 158 pages (NF)

Meanwhile, we are disappointed a publisher didn't agree to a 40 Years of Toronto Sun Donato Cartoons book with Andy's favourites.

We've updated the NNA winner's publishing track record to date:

Donato, Andy
The Best of Donato: Political Cartoons, 1974, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, Toronto Sun (NF); Would You Buy a Used Country from This Man? - Trudeau’s Ten Years in Cartoons, 1979, contributing cartoonist, Coles (NF); Chins and Needles: Political Cartoons, 1986, Key Porter Books (NF); The Strife of Brian: Political Cartoons, 1987, Key Porter Books (NF); Gucci Blues: Political Cartoons, 1988, Key Porter Books (NF); The Agony and the Exit: Donato's Political Cartoons, 1988, Grosvenor House Press, 200 pages (NF); Neverending Tory, 1993, Key Porter Books (NF); The Little Book of Canadian Political Wisdom, 2004, illustrator for author Rick Broadhead, Key Porter Books, 200 pages (NF); Canadian Editorial Cartoonists, 2010, contributing cartoonist, LLC Books, 54 pages (NF)

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