Thursday 6 October 2011

Sun News drive

CEP Local 87M launched a public organizing drive at Sun News Network in Toronto on Wednesday, hoping to add to Sun-related SONG membership. 

Launched April 18, Sun News, also known as Sun TV and Fox News North, is owned and operated by Quebecor Media. 

CEP's press release says the media union already represents 13 Sun Media workplaces in Ontario, including the Toronto Sun newsroom and pre-press departments. 

It also notes Sun News is currently available on a handful of cable and satellite systems across Canada, with Quebecor currently seeking to expand distribution.


  1. Can't wait to see management's position on negotiations if unionization is successful.... "We don't have a large television audience so therefore workers are in line to be paid the same as a television station with similar really really small ratings." Wouldn't that be funny

  2. Good luck with that... we know how much PKP embraces unions, just ask the folks in Montreal.

  3. Hey Anonymous, you, or some defeatist with the same name, invariably invokes Montreal every time we negotiate anything (even though the two situations are apples and oranges). We appreciate the advice from all you anonymice that we commit ritual seppuku in front of Quebecor. Pardon us if we carry on regardless and continue to bargain in good faith.
    Jim Slotek
    Vice Chair
    Toronto Sun Unit
    Local 87-M

  4. Good luck to you and all your people Jim.