Sunday 16 October 2011

Memories of Earl

Updated 20/10/11re Steve Ladurantaye memories
Memories of Earl McRae, an Ottawa Sun sports and news columnist who died at work last night at age 69:

Steve Ladurantaye, Globe and Mail

Pat Hickey, Montreal Gazette

Anita Li, Toronto Star

Funeral details

Brent Nacu, Earl's final interview, for an Ottawa Sun news column he never got to finish.

Lew Fournier, former Toronto Sun desk vet:

"Damn. Earl was one of the originals in this business; a great magazine writer, and despite his rather smart-ass style, was just great person to be around even though he couldn't hold his liquor.

"He wrote everything from fascinating profiles on Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins to a great piece on a legendary bouncer who apparently took out several obnoxious Ottawa football players, among other tough guys.

"One of his great pieces was a long jog he took one early frosty morning with the governor-general at the time, Roland Michener.

"Simply put, Earl was incapable of being boring.

"I never saw him as a gentleman, or anything of the sort - just a great friend to have. Journalism lost one of the good ones, on all levels."

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