Friday 28 October 2011

Len Fortune

Memories of the Toronto Sun - Len Fortune

The following is a list of Sun people, living and dead, who influenced my performance, my progress and my humanity while at the little paper on King Street:

Doug Creighton
: Provider of the best work environment that anyone could possibly hope for: It really was paradise. I miss you Big Guy.

Peter Worthington: Canada's most prolific journalist and my idol..

Les Pyette: Made it possible for me to fulfill most of my dreams while at the Sun. I owe Lester the most.

Julie Kirsh: A true friend and a great lady, it was a privilege to have her in my corner.

Trudy Eagan: Her kindness and encouragement in the early years helped me find my way.

John Webb: The late John "Gentleman" Webb hired me and taught me tons about life and managing.

Andy Donato: I was always in awe of his genius and his warmth. 

Mike Simpson: A friend and a man of integrity (copy edited two of my books).

Joe Duffy: My life at the Sun would have been a lot less exciting without the presence of "Hollywood Joe".

Thomas Williams: This ex-Sun staffer made me laugh until my gut split - funny guy and great story teller.

Gary Latham: A man of great humility, I enjoyed his friendship.

Ed Moran: An extremely brilliant man who tolerated my antics for a number of years.

Gord Pick: One of the most talented people ever to leave the Sun. He was forced to the Calgary Sun.

J.D. MacFarlane: The journalism chair while I was at Ryerson and editorial director for a time at the Sun - he begrudgingly liked me.

Ed Monteith: A true man of print who bled Sun 75 red and who had my respect.

Peter O'Sullivan: One of the few who influenced my design style - a great tabloid editor.

Peter Brewster: His toughness and his ability to run a tight ship always impressed me.

Wayne Parrish: An incredibly talented journalist who always had honesty on his side.

Paul Henry: I loved the guy, but his tragic end raised my awareness of hiring too young. The bright lights of the big city knocked him out.

Barry Gray: Loyal amidst a tough run on the photo desk; an honorable guy to have covering your back. 

Jac Holland: Probably the most relaxed man on the planet, great human being. 

Wanda Goodwin: A great gal who it made it possible for me to do my first book. 

Veronica Henri: Proved me right by becoming a thoroughly professional and outstanding photographer. 

Stan Behal: The most charming of all the pixels gatherers, all-around good guy. 

Silvia Pecota: A visual genius whose passion and dedication to her art knew no equal.

Sandra Macklin
: The consummate news editor, she knew her stuff.

Howard MacGregor: The ideal desk person, he asked the right questions.

Paul Heming: "Fair dinkum" all the way good buddy.

Ben Grant: Benny and I jointly hold the Sun record for the using the headline "Brrrrrrrr" in weather spreads.

Valerie Gibson: Vivacious, vivacious, vivacious and chants like hell - that's a good thing.
Rita DeMontis: Beautiful woman, but way too generous  Thanks Rita.

George Gross: A lovable "kiddo" who was always on my side, even when he wasn't.

Linda Leatherdale: The world's first multi-tasker: Along with being my personal chauffeur (the Oakville run), Linda managed a business section, busted out a daily column, did TV spots, ran seminars, looked after a family and still found time to party . . . WOW!

Tim Peckham: A talented Newfoundlander who I should have listened to more.

Jim Thomson: Jim edited all of my over-the-top e-mails to my overlords. I'm forever thankful.

Gord Walsh: Gord's in my dreams a lot lately - I don't know why; any old how, he is/was a straight-talking guy all the way.

Al Parker: A journalist with a big heart; I always appreciated Al's "forgive me" hugs.

Jim Jennings: To get me out of his beard, Jim appointed me managing editor of the Baby Suns (Durham, Hamilton, York and Brampton ) giving me chance to show how a real tabloid gets done. It was appreciated.

Paul Godfrey and Mike Strobel: Two lovable guys who, I know, are still trying to find my missing stock options from the Great Quebecor sale.

The Stapley Brothers
(Gord and Chuck): Outstanding work ethic and fun guys to be with.

Nancy Stewart: Beautiful, stylish, gracious, kind and good with a knife, Pez and badges.
Greg Viens: I owe my career to Greg - he told me about a job opportunity at the Sun way back in the '70s.

Larry Craig: Pressroom superintendent and my production confidant.

Patrick McCormick: My partner-in-crime for a spell before his departure to 1 Yonge St. 

Shiela Chidley, who endured my renditions of "Sheila, Sheila, oh my little Sheila, her name drives me insane" which I sung to her almost daily; always in a different key and always with different words.  

Oh! I almost forgot the Rimmer (Paul Rimstead) and Don Ramsay.

Paul's early words, which captivated Toronto in the '70s, inspired me to write simple.

And from Don, I developed a phobia of microfiche.

All the best to the present staff at the Toronto Sun, I wish you many successes and a happy 40th.

And to the past staff, I hope your memories of the Sun are as precious as mine. 

That's all folks. Peace and wellness to all.

Love Lenny


If you are a Toronto Sun Day Oner and have a bio or memories to share, please email with a photo before Nov. 1.

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  1. Dam Lenny, I didn't make the short list on influential people! I brought you lots of exclusive front page photos to work with! Never mind, I enjoyed working with you from our days at Inland Pub. to the Toronto Sun.
    Bill Sandford

  2. Dear Lenny: Was reading your posting and saw your comment regarding Paul Henry. Did something tragic happen to Paul? Would love to know about it, if you have a moment to comment. I hope you are well. Joanne Lovering

    1. Hello Joanne, Len has sent us a message for you. Please send an email to and we will forward the message to you.