Monday 31 October 2011

Bitchy, eh?

What side of the bed did Christina Blizzard get out of today?

Her 40th anniversary column:


  1. I just had to do a Google search to double check that my long-held conception that This Hour has 22 Minutes is a comedy was indeed correct. According to my Google research it is in fact intended to be a comedy. I don't personally agree with showing up on a doorstep in the dark, however, what on earth does does punking a Mayor by a comedian have to do with CBC's track record of journalism?

  2. I read several article and it was stated that it was still dark outside at the time of the incident. I looked at this video clip and it doesn't look dark outside at all.

    To quote an article,

    "Ford told reporters it was dark outside when CBC's film crews ran toward him and his daughter with actress Mary Walsh, who was playing the infamous character of prodding journalist Marg Delahunty."

    Rod Ford told the reporters that it was dark outside when he was "ambushed". It was not dark outside, far from it. It happened at 8am in the morning. The van parked outside his house had the big and red CBC logo on it. He just ended up looking somewhat dense, which isn't a good image for a mayor of a big city.

    The accusations of swearing at the 911 dispatcher didn't help much either even though it was disputed by the Sun. So far, the tape hasn't been released, we won't know what he actually said on it. Ford said that it was up to the police on whether to release the tape or not, the police said it was up to Ford.

    This situation should had been handled much better.