Wednesday 26 October 2011

38 Jac Holland

A salute to The 62

Jac Holland, one of the three lens men amigos on the photo staff on Day One, along with David Cooper and Norm Betts, recalls all three having so much fun they never took a day off until Ray Biggart, the city editor, insisted. The fun in photo assignments near and far and the parade of SUNshine Girl volunteers kept Jac glued to the tabloid from 1971 to the mid-80s. Ironically, one of the biggest benefits of working for the Toronto Sun, a two-month sabbatical after 10 years of employment, turned his thoughts elsewhere. "I was spoiled after that," Jac tells TSF. "I realized there was more to life than work."  In 1985, or 1986, he left the Sun, went to OCAD U for three years and travelled to Peru and Bolivia with long-time Sun reporter David Kendall. He also married Angie, one of the Sun's circulation department part-timers. Jac was freelancing extensively for General Motors covering their races and promotional events when it happened: "I finally retired when I had to covert to digital. Retirement has been good. I have had the opportunity to sail on my beloved CS22 (Toto); sea kayak in BC, travel to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Barbados, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Florida; play lots of tennis; spend time with family and friends; and have tried to avoid getting underfoot from my better half." Life has been good to Jac Mazereeuw, who has gone by Holland since he immigrated to Canada. "I never actually changed my last name. When I first immigrated to Canada, I started my own business in Deep River. Mazereeuw was too difficult for native-born Canadians to remember so in honour of my birth country, I used 'Holland' professionally."

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