Friday 14 October 2011

17 to 40th

It's 17 days to the Toronto Sun's 40th anniversary and TSF readers are asking: Where's the party?

Some of them were around for the elaborate 20th at the SkyDome.

But as of today, nothing is in the works for the 40th. Sources say money for a celebration was requested, but the answer was no party money for the flagship tabloid.

If there is a hint of a rebellion, or small gatherings to mark the occasion, we'll pass it on.

Toronto Sun employees, past and present, no doubt will lower their opinion of the tabloid's miserly owner to record depths.

Conglomerate exploitation.

Those Wall Street protesters heading north to Bay Street are onto something.

1 comment:

  1. I say we occupy the Sun lobby! Set up tents and camp there until PKP comes to his senses! Oh wait, the Sun doesn't own the lobby or 333 anymore and the only time PKP comes to his cents is when he visits his bank account.

    Okay, let's occupy the cookie and crackers aisle at the No Frills store! We can protest until our paid parking in the 333 back lot expires.