Tuesday 4 October 2011

16 Bruce Borland

A salute to The 62

Bruce Borland, one of five Day Oners in the Sun's Syndicate department, got his start in print media as a 16-year-old Toronto Telegram delivery truck hopper. A year later, he moved to the Tely's Syndicate news service. After the Sun bought the Syndicate off the doomed Tely for a reported $35,000, Don Hunt, Syndicate director, called Bruce into his office and said: "We are starting a newspaper called the Sun and we would like you to join us." At 21, it was the start of a three-decade-plus membership in the Toronto Sun Family. Syndicate staffers worked out of the Tely's old Syndicate office for three months before joining the others in the Eclipse building. After the Sun moved to 333 in 1975, Bruce transferred to the press room. There he stayed for almost 30 years until health issues curbed his full-time employment. Bruce says his press room colleagues, plus Doug, Peter, Don and others at the Sun were true "family" during tough times that included a divorce, a custody battle and health issues.     

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