Friday 28 October 2011

Three parties

One big day - the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Sun - and three separate parties.

One at the Westin for former employees; one at Pier 4 for current employees and a third that organizers have asked TSF not to publicize, but most will guess its location.

All the result of a media conglomerate that will no doubt share in the celebration with empty rhetoric about the flagship tabloid's achievements, while refusing to finance a party for all employees, past and present.

Rather than being one big happy family on Tuesday, as Doug Creighton would have guaranteed, as he did for the 20th, the celebration will be divided.

The spirit of Toronto Sun Family members is alive and well in wanting to gather for the milestone occasion, but shame on Quebecor on down.


  1. Any information on the Sun party for current staffers? Because some of us haven't heard a peep from our managers on the subject...

  2. TSF has asked for details of the Pier 4 party, but except for a couple of people who said they were going, no details have been made available.