Tuesday 25 October 2011

Sun fronts

He's back.

Mike Balazo, the Toronto Sun Covers Reviews guy, is back with almost daily comedic reviews of the tabloid's front pages after a lull of nine months.

The comedian and writer will have mountains of material if the keepers of the front page insist on turning the once iconic tabloid front into a Photoshop/Rob Ford/non news circus.

We can't recall the last time the Toronto Sun had a spot news action front, the kind staff reporters and photographers hustled for day after day during the glory years.

In this 40th year of the Sun, it is like shooting fish in a barrel for Mike.

Silly front page decisions are out of sync with the fronts that made the tabloid a success, but then all of the talented editors responsible for those fronts have died, have been fired or are retired.

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