Monday 10 October 2011

India FYI

From a TSF reader: "I was chatting with a Sun Media employee who told me that a company by the name of Infinity in India does some outsourced work for Sun Media."

If it is Infinity Informations, based in New Delhi, we found this in its Q & A.

1. How can I save money by outsourcing my work to an Indian Soft ware (sic) Development (sic) company?
The cost of living in India is much lower than in most Western countries. Salaries are about 20%-30% of what they are in North America and Europe . Thanks to low overheads, we are able to offer rates that are nearly 80% lower than International rates. Many nationally known consulting companies charge excessive fees to act as middlemen or staffing brokers. Often, this will cost your company 100% more than local and regional technology staffing providers. You can break free of the cycle and go directly to their personnel staffing source: Infinity provides the same qualified technology professionals at a fraction of the cost."

The Q&A doesn't have much to say about quality control. Proofing its own copy would be a good start.

"Soft ware" and caps for "soft" and "development" right off the bat, plus a couple of other errors, won't earn Infinity a vote of confidence from TSF.


  1. Don't many of the weeklies already have their ads designed by the folks in India?

  2. Why are we picking on their grammar and spelling? Cut them some slack. English likely isn't their first language.
    You should see some of the ads that come back from these people. Good thing Sun Media is saving a few bucks though by outsourcing Canadian jobs to India.

  3. It's a real shame that these jobs are being outsourced.

  4. No but if it saves Quebecor a few pennies by laying off more editors, you can bet Infinity will earn a vote of confidence from PKP.

  5. I shake my head and think "pathetic" as I read that. PKP never ceases to amaze me. Every time it appears he has sunk things to as low as they can go (via cost-cutting at the expense of quality, etc), he never fails to come through and drop the bar even lower. Perhaps once there is about 200 employees left (nation-wide) will he be satisfied?

  6. Quality? LOL. Have you ever tried to raise the 'quality' issue with some of the managers who oversee the central pagination desks after headlines are screwed up? You are made to look like you are the problem, not them. Quality has become the word that we are not supposed to talk about