Sunday 30 October 2011

Joan Sutton 2

Memories of the Toronto Sun - Joan Sutton Straus 2
Morning and the East River tides are moving along . . . more memories. 
George Gross and the word scoop. He was the only person outside of a movie I ever heard use that word. George lived for the glory of getting a scoop and his angst was rooted in his fear that he might, somehow, be scooped. 
Scoops were the province of Bob MacDonald. While the rest of us were busy being celebrities, Bob was the quiet, workhorse journalist who stubbornly kept after what he knew as a good story. His desk was a model of controlled chaos. You stopped breathing when you came within 10 feet for fear of launching an avalanche. 
And help me out here, the legendary sports writer who came from the Tely - I am having an almost seventy-nine memory lapse. He arrived at the new building, took one look at the new typewriters, picked his up, threw it in the wastebasket and forever after, wrote from home. 
And I remember now that one of the issues in the Eclipse Building rebellion, along with the concerns about launching a Sunday paper when we were already overworked (not that we ever had a vote), was who ran the newsroom - Creighton or Worthington. 
Not sure why that was an issue. They probably disagreed over an editorial endorsement. But that was the subject of the post-rebellion announcement in the newsroom. 
So, Creighton's expenses may have been an issue and perhaps for some, they were the excuse to act, but they were a minor part of the turmoil. 
Too much attention is paid, in my opinion, to Doug's expenses. Some board members give that as an excuse for getting rid of him. If that was the case, then the whole board should have fired itself for Doug was nothing, if not consistent, in his approach to expenses. From Day One. 
If Oscar was reading this, he would tell me, Joan, you are in danger of chewing your cabbage twice. So, once again, 30.

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