Friday 28 October 2011

Sun memories

Updated 31/10/11
One more day to share Toronto Sun memories with TSF readers.

Memories of any length can be submitted by email until midnight Tuesday, Nov. 1, the 40th anniversary of the flagship tabloid and the sign-off of TSF as an active blog. 

What a nostalgic and heart-felt collection submitted to date by current and former employees representing various departments over the decades:


  1. Do you know how many people have worked at the Sun over the past 40 years? Probably a few thousand. I don't know any company that would be able to throw a party with free food and free booze for a few thousand people.

    First off, it would take a year to track down every person who ever worked at the Sun to even invite them.

    Give your head a shake!

    Now that is why there are three separate parties.

    Why can't people just be happy that they are throwing a party.

  2. Anonymous: That is NOT why there are three separate parties. You just don't get it. Analogy is fitting here. It's like Louis said: If you got to be told what jazz is, then you'll never know.

    Rob Lamberti
    Chair, Toronto Sun Unit
    CEP 87M