Monday, 5 January 2009

3-in-1 EIC

Updated 06/01/08

Jose Rodriguez
has been appointed editor-in-chief for the Calgary and Edmonton Suns and 24 hours in Sun Media's Alberta urban operations division.

Craig Martin, executive vice-president of Sun Media operations in Western Canada, says in a press release the appointment was effective yesterday.

(The Edmonton Sun says goodbye to Graham Dalziel and hello to Jose in Tuesday's paper.)

The Sun appointment press release reads:

"Craig Martin, Executive VP Operations Western Canada, is pleased to announce that Jose Rodriguez has been appointed Editor-in-Chief Alberta Urban Operations for the Calgary Sun, Edmonton Sun, and 24 hours effective January 4, 2009.

"Jose has been with the Sun newspaper group for 16 years. In that time, he has held various positions ranging from reporter to city editor, news editor to managing editor and is the current editor-in-chief of the Calgary Sun.

"He is an award-winning investigative reporter and has written hundreds of national columns for Sun Media’s editorial opinion pages. He currently writes a national page on mixed martial arts for all the Sun Media and also runs The Scrapyard blog for Canoe.

"Jose is married to wife Nichole and has two children, Michael, 12 and Amelia, 9.

"In his new role he will lead the news rooms with high quality journalism, direct the creation of common content amongst our Alberta papers for stronger and more relevant regional material, and work to meet changing consumer needs and habits both in the newspapers and in the digital universe.

"Jose will be a valuable resource to the management team and will report to the publishers in Calgary and Edmonton with a dotted line to the VP editorial for Sun Media Glenn Garnett.

"Graham Dalziel, editor-in-chief in Edmonton will leave the paper after 30 years to concentrate on his farming operations."

Sounds like Jose is a news guy who has paid his dues. Kinda like Doug Creighton, who started as a police reporter at the Toronto Telegram and worked his way up to CEO.

You tend to have more confidence in and respect for news people running newspapers.


  1. "In his new role he will ... direct the creation of common content ... for stronger and more relevant regional material..."


    Common content = relevant regional content?

  2. Is no one upset about the fact that No. 1 editor in Edmonton is actually IN CALGARY!?

    How is a Calgary editor going to know what's big news in Edmonton?

  3. I knew Jose years ago, he is a first-class news guy. He'll do great. Congrats, Jose.

  4. Just means more 'Sun Media Files' bylines in each of those papers....

  5. Dotted line to the VP editorial for Sun Media...hmm. Now what on earth does the VP editorial do... oh yes, he used to be a real journalist once. Talk about selling out... it amazes me that during all the Quebecor downsizings those positions still remain. The Sun suffers from a Mae West complex -- top heavy! :-)