Sunday, 11 January 2009

Live on LFP

Paul Berton, editor-in-chief at the London Free Press, says a "first" at his newspaper on Friday was a live online interview with a hockey player.

"History is being made in the news business these days, and not all of it is bleak," Berton writes in his Opinion piece.

"For example, yesterday the London Free Press, or in particular, became a broadcaster, webcaster, or narrowcaster, depending on what word you prefer, or perhaps one that hasn't been invented yet.

"It means yesterday we brought you the news conference introducing the London Knights' newest all-star, John Tavares, live - LIVE! - on the Internet at

"It wasn't a video clip. It wasn't shot, edited, compressed and presented after the fact. It was the event, in its entirety, unedited, brought to you, on your computer, immediately."

Berton acknowledges Internet users have been streaming live content from their basements for years, "but it was a first for us."

"It makes one wonder just how the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is going to react, if at all."

Meanwhile, Free Press print readers, recently deprived of their Sunday paper, are voicing disappointment with the thinning daily after years of cutbacks.

But then, print is not what it's all about at Sun Media in 2009.

It's more about big boys and their Internet toys.

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