Monday, 26 January 2009

Chatham -Mondays

The Chatham Daily News has announced today's print edition is its final Monday paper.

"Today's Chatham Daily News is a souvenir of sorts, as it is our final Monday print edition," says the paper, one of the Osprey Media dailies picked up by Quebecor in 2007.

"Due to economic conditions affecting the entire newspaper industry, papers across North America are being forced to make changes. Your Daily News is not immune to the economic realities facing the print news industry"

The announcement notes the London Free Press has dropped its Sunday edition and also mentions the "St. Thomas Times-Journal and Kingston Whig-Standard have already cut print days or are planning to do so in the near future."

Fewer days at the Times-Journal and Whig-Standard are news to TSF, but Quebecor's axe has been busy since PKP became Sun Media chief.


  1. It's so sad, but the newspaper industry really doesn't get it.
    They keep taking things away from the print editions (including actual editions) and wonder why there are fewer readers?
    It's so stupid.
    I absolutely understand the move to the web, but many readers are not really into the web. We are abandoning them.
    By the time PKP is done, there will be the National Sun and little else.
    Why he even bought the Osprey papers is beyond me.

  2. So do we start calling it the "Chatham Almost-Daily News" now?