Sunday, 4 January 2009

TorSun count

A couple of TSF readers, management most likely, have challenged our December clearing house numbers for the Toronto Sun.

Reliable sources told us 49 employees at 333 lost their jobs in the weeks before Christmas. We respect our sources so we stayed with 49, including full time and part time employees and freelance columnists.

The 49 men and women all have names, which conglomerates would prefer to ignore. They were at the Toronto Sun from less than a year to more than two decades. Many have families.

They face uncertain futures not because the Toronto Sun is losing money, because it isn't.

Some union jobs could be saved if other employees take a buyout before the eight-week notice period expires in February, but the staff cut count won't vary.


(1) Linda Leatherdale, business editor;

(2) Jane Stevenson, chief music critic;

(3) Scott Morrison, freelance hockey writer;

(4) Jason Buckland, reporter;

(5) Dave Ellis, assistant city editor;

(6) Ken Winlaw, copy desk editor;

(7) Ernest Doroszuk, photographer;

(8) Dave Abel, photographer;

(9) Calvin Reynolds
, photo desk, quiz master;

(10) Debbie Holloway, photographer;

(11) Amy Chung, reporter;

(12) Bryn Weese, reporter;

(13) Jenny Yuen, reporter;

Don Peat, reporter;

(15) John Kerr
, freelance Outdoors columnist;

(16) Derek Tse, entertainment desk editor;

(17) Jason MacNeil, music critic;

(18) Tim McKay, sports desk editor;

(19) Dave Hilson, sports desk editor;

(20) Gregor Chisholm, sports desk editor;

(21) Jon McCarthy, entertainment desk editor;

(22) Clarisa Feliprada, librarian;

(23) Danielle L'Ami, librarian;

(24) Davina Biln, librarian;

(25) Adam Bishop, librarian;

(26) Josh Robinson, proofreader;

(27) Ashley Hampson, proofreader;

(28) Dila Velazques, proofreader;

(29) Alan Marshall, part-time webber;

(30) Kurt Larson, video editor;

(31) Ajit Jain, op-ed freelance columnist;

(32) Nicholas Davis, op-ed freelance columnist;

Corporate sales office:

(33) Maria Girimonte, national sales director;

(34) Peggy Perin, national sales manager;

(35) Shannon McPeak, vice-president corporate sales;

(36) Ursula Bak, marketing research manager.

Real estate advertising department:

(37) Jana Stern;

Name deleted as requested;

(39) Cindy Aristizabal;

Help Wanted advertising sales:

(40) Laura Murphy, Help Wanted advertising sales rep;

(41) Maria Grey, Help Wanted coordinator;

Retail advertising sales:

Kathleen Hillier, retail advertising sales rep.


(43) Andrew, automotive coordinator;

(44) Rick Payne, creative;

(45) Joanne Houston, payroll office;

(46) Carol Nicholls, payroll office;

(47) Penelope Wild, special section manager;

Also laid off in December but not named:

(48) a full time security guard;

(49) a part-time security guard.

Sincere thanks to our reliable sources for the accurate Toronto Sun numbers, a count that wasn't picked up by some other blogs and mainstream media.

TSF will try for accurate updates of all job losses at sister Sun tabloids and for any of the former Osprey Media newspapers, if sources can provide names and accurate counts.

Our Calgary Sun source said 22, a number which has also been challenged. We will try to update Calgary.

While some pink-slipped employees left the building in December, a number of union members will continue working through their eight-week layoff notices.

The pain of the early December layoffs and Black Tuesday hasn't ebbed as this new year begins.

The hurting continues.

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