Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Free Suns?

Updated for location
TSF reader J.A. Goneaux says he picked up a free Toronto Sun today - and didn't steal it.

"I just picked up a paper from (a new and smaller) Sun box. I didn't pay a dime. No, I didn't steal it. The box says 'complimentary', as does the paper.

"No, this isn't in a hotel or truck stop.

"It was on Yonge Street . . ."

If the Sun is free on busy Yonge Street, is that not a step closer to making it a free commuter newspaper, say a Sun/24 hours giveaway as rumoured for the past two years on TSF?

(The box was on Yonge Street at Finch, east side, just behind the steps for the TTC. beside Scotiabank.)

"Yes, I thought that it was the normal freebie, but it was a Sun box, red, but new and smaller than the normal ones. Full Sun, if by "full" one means 56 pages . . ."

Is there a citizen journalist out there who can snap a photo of the 'complimentary' Sun box for TSF?

With all of the cutbacks and job losses, there is less to give away in 2009. The Toronto Sun page counts for yesterday and today? A very light 56 pages.


  1. Wed Jan 7, 2009

    I braved the slush and headed out to Yonge Street, running a few blocks north of Dundas and into the Ryerson University area, and found no signs of complimentary Sun newspapers. It would be nice if they were free, instead I had to read my complimentary Toronto Star received from McDonalds.

  2. I saw the page counts too, but you forgot to add the sports section. That would make it 72 for the past couple of days.

  3. No, 56 includes the 16-page sports section. The inside back news page is 39, the back page would be 40 but it says 56 to include sports.