Saturday, 10 January 2009

Mike & Variety

Congrats to Mike Strobel for picking up the Variety Village Christmas Fund baton from the late George Gross and raising $30,517.93 - up $4,000 on 2007.

That is no mean feat during an economic downturn. George would be proud of Mike and the Sun for not allowing the Variety campaign to die with him.

Did you notice the grand total ends with 93 cents? Mike gives "the Lovely and Talented" Sheila Chidley credit for that finely tuned bookkeeping.

George, founding sports editor, received full support from Sun co-founder Doug Creighton when he launched the fund three decades ago. His tally when he died last March was more than $1 million.

It is one of the few remnants of the Toronto Sun glory days and the annual commitment makes Toronto Sun Family members proud of the tabloid's roots.

Ditto for Bob MacDonald's participation in the annual Regent Park Christmas Dinner, continued by daughter Moira after his death in 2006.

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