Friday, 9 January 2009

Globe & Linda

Speaking of the Globe and Mail, Steve Ladurantaye gives Linda Leatherdale's new blog a nice plug today.

New blogs sometimes take months to pick up steam, but with Linda's advice, credentials and contacts, we're feeling she will soon be well ahead of the pack.

Mention on the Globe and Mail website in the first week of her new blog isn't too shabby.

Steve doesn't mention Linda was axed by Sun Media on her 55th birthday last month after 23 years as a business editor/columnist, but he does say in a how-to-tighten-your-belt piece:

Back to coupons

Linda Leatherdale knows a thing or two about personal finances and adjusting to difficult economic circumstances - she spent the last 23 years as a business editor and writer, but was handed a layoff notice last month. On her birthday.

She now dispenses free advice at, and says one of the most important things people need to do is splash their children with a cold dose of financial reality. After all, parents won't likely be able to tap into their home's equity if bank accounts start running low.

“Kids think money grows on trees, and this is a time when you need tough love,” she said. “Designer stuff has got to go out the window - if the kids feel they must have these things, then consider shopping at Goodwill.”

She said it's time to channel your grandparents - avoid using credit, and ask if stores have layaway plans for must-have items you can't afford. Coupons can also be useful.

“That's right, it's back to coupons if you can believe it,” she said. “But you need to be careful - it can be similar to points programs in that you buy things you don't need just because you have a coupon.”

That's the kind of advice needed during a recession and we have a feeling Linda's blog is going to become a must read site for her faithful Sun fans and new readers.

Linda tells TSF the blog is a work in progress and there will be "a blanket press release to all media when the site is where I want it."

She also says, "I cannot believe the number of readers who have e-mailed to say they are glad I have a new site."

Many more Sun readers probably don't realize Linda was laid off last month. The Sun didn't give her a sendoff in print, so they might think she is on vacation.

Linda was in the middle of another protest on behalf of readers when pink slipped. Her final Stop the Gouging column is still online.

Word of mouth and plugs in other media will soon reveal the blunder Sun Media made in letting a tireless crusader on behalf of Sun readers go and without a word of thanks.

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