Friday, 16 January 2009

Snail e-mail

You occasionally hear about a piece of snail mail taking forever to reach its destination, but 17 months for an e-mail?

That's how long it took an e-mail from Don Hawkes to TSF in August of 2007 to arrive. His e-mail was dated 17/08/2007, but we thought it must have been his computer clock.

We posted the contents and let Don know about the date.

"Hi, Dox here - and there is nothing wrong with my computer date," says Don. "I really did send that e-mail in the summer of 07 just after I came back to Toronto. Have read the Sun Family religiously ever since and have even spoken a couple of times to (John) Downing.

That is a first for TSF. Well then, Don, a much belated welcome back to T.O.

If computer geeks can explain the 17-month delay of an e-mail, please do.

Sandra Macklin, a former Toronto Sun news editor who operated an ISP service for six years, says:

"There's no sense to Don Hawkes' email at all. In fact, having been an ISP for six years, it's not possible. He's been trolling through his old email, sent one off again by mistake, that's the only answer."

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