Wednesday, 14 January 2009

TorSun -10

Ten more Toronto Sun employees were laid off yesterday as Sun Media's restructuring continues to claim jobs in the now cavernous 333 King Street East building.

The 10 ad builders in the pre-press department, which is unionized, were given eight weeks notice, Brad Honywill, president of the Southern Ontario Newsmedia Guild, told TSF.

"Their work is being transferred to the new regional (non-union) operation in Woodstock, which will produce ads for several newspapers," he said.

The Toronto Sun casualty total since early December stands at 59.

It is full steam ahead for regionalization and employees who remain at the gutted Sun will be moved from 333 to smaller quarters.

Says a TSF reader who read a previous posting that said there were no layoffs Tuesday:

"I was just online reading the blogs, which I now do every day, and yesterday was in fact Black Tuesday with at least 10 Toronto Sun folks who work in ad production let go.

"Seems they will be working till March ( they were given eight weeks notice as they were part of the union). These people have been there for years and years and now they are expected to go back out in a highly competitive work force to look for something new?

"It's a shame.

"Apparently, the Toronto Sun is outsourcing all ad production . . . Is it too early to presume that the Sun will soon be renamed the National Sun? Nationalizing the paper is the only way I can make sense of any of this.

"It's all about saving PKP's precious wallet, one paper distributed across Canada. He makes me sick.

"I was laid off back in December. Perhaps I should send thanks to good ole PKP and let him know that I no longer want to work in this industry."

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  1. I also was told it was the Ad production department. Most of these people were former compositors and later trained to build ads without any graphic design experience.
    This is when the creativity of advertising suffered and many clients and readers would complain about the ugliness of ads, so I'm guessing the quality of design will pick up.
    The outsourcing is happening in Woodstock, not Woodbridge