Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Linda's new blog

Linda Leatherdale, the Toronto Sun's veteran business editor/columnist cut by Sun Media last month, is continuing her crusades online with a new blog.

The veteran fighter of good causes on behalf of Sun readers invites former Sun readers , friends and former colleagues to help give her a new voice online.

Linda says she is as busy as ever with TV interviews, financial seminars, speaking engagements, two new books and creating the blog that will include videos of interviews with key people in finance.

TSF wishes her all the best and huge online support.

Says Linda in her introduction:

"My New Beginning

"A new year, and new beginning - after 2008 led to a boot out the corporate door on my birthday to usher in Freedom 55.

"I am not alone, though I must confess I had been seeking freedom from the long daily commute and unhealthy, toxic atmosphere in a corporate world gone mad with layoffs and dwindling profits while employee stress hits meltdown.

"My daughter Skye, a cancer survivor, taught me life is too short and what truly matters is your own inner happiness and living life to the fullest - not killing yourself as a slave to the system.

"But, let's be real. We all need to work, make money and provide. And for many years, I was very happy at work where I had a platform to try to liberate the people into financial freedom and happiness.

"Luckily, I followed my own advice and was already planning my "Findependence" Day, which is the topic of Jonathan Chevreau's great new book. Read it, it will set you free.

"When my new streaming videos are up and running, Chevreau - the popular personal finance expert at the National Post - will be my first interview, where we'll be talking about my new independence and how others can make the dream of retirement come true.

"But trust me, though you can call it semi-retirement, I, by no means, plan to retire. There is still so much to do, and so much to say. Not only am I booked for TV shows, financial seminars and speaking engagements, but I am working on two new books - a sequel to my first book Money Is A Girl's Best Friend, called Money Is A Kid's Best Friend, and another book, which is closest to my heart, The Great Cleansing of Capitalism.

"My loyal fans will know I was the only journalist in Canada to predict this Economic Armageddon that is before us, and now I plan on trying to help, as best I can, to get us out of this mess.

"In cleaning out my office, I came across a number of letters from Sun brass congratulating me on a job well done on my advice articles and crusades I took on for readers. But one letter that stood out was from Sun founder Doug Creighton, who commended me on the direction I was taking the Money section, after one of our yearly editorial meetings.

"In it, he offered a word of caution. Negativity, he said, led to the demise of the David Peterson's Liberals, and though we were in a deep recession and Bob Rae's NDP deepened the deflationary spiral with their tax and spend policies, now was the time to try to be positive and offer advice.

"Advice I did with how to survive seminars, a job bank to help the desperate find work and a first-ever Survival Summit, where we brought in New Zealand's outspoken finance minister, Sir Roger Douglas, who cautioned Canada not to hit the debt wall.

"Then, we brought Canada's former finance minister and PM Paul Martin to the table and offered Seven Summit Solutions. At first, Martin refused to act, but then came a concerted effort to get Canada out of debt along with tax cuts.

(more to come)"

Linda, who was at Sun Media since 1985, is landing on her feet running after being shown the door on her 55th birthday.

That's good news for people in need of direction in these tough times.

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