Monday, 5 January 2009

Re Sam Pazzano

While flipping the AM radio dial on the weekend, a familiar voice was heard on the tail end of Arlene Bynon's Toronto Weekend talk show.

It was Sam Pazzano, the veteran Toronto Sun court reporter recapping the more sensational trials he covered in 2008 and there were some dandies.

Two things came to mind: First, Sam has an easy going radio presence. Second, why doesn't the Sun promote its own when it comes to guest appearances on radio and TV?

As a Toronto Sun Family member since 1975, it is always of interest to hear the vets on radio and watch them on television, but most times it is tuning in by chance.

We do know Lorrie Goldstein is a regular guest on 640's Charles Adler program. We caught columnist Mark Bonokoski on his Moose FM broadcasts. Peter Worthington is often on air, as are columnists Joe Warmington, Mike Strobel, Christina Blizzard and Bruce Kirkland.

But most often it is hit and miss. So how about some advance notice for Sun readers who are interested in what their favourite Sun people have to say?

Meanwhile, kudos to Sam Pazzano, one of the unsung heroes of the tabloid, for his years of dedicated court coverage as court bureau chief.

It takes discipline, numerous contacts, a way with police, court officials and judges, and a nose for cases of interest to Sun readers. Five days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The early Sun had a justice columnist, Alan Anderson, who wrote about legal issues, but it did not have court coverage until then city editor Les Pyette sent this staffer in to set up a bureau in 1976.

The lovely and talented Jan Lounder soon came aboard and the Sun court bureau was off and running. Great tab fare, including Keith Richards' 1977 drug bust court appearance; a horrific torso murder case; Ace Hamel, Ontario's oldest criminal etc.

Two solid years of courts maxed this staffer out, but there's Sam still going strong after how many years? Ten? Fifteen?

We're not sure how often Sam has been on radio, but he sounded like a pro in replaying the more interesting trials of 2008. Here's hoping the 640 website will add the full program to its audio archives.

Attention Sun radio and TV celebs: If the Sun can't spare space for advance radio and TV appearance promotion, send TSF the details and we'll give you a plug.

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