Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ian & Law Times

Ian Harvey, a Toronto Sun vet laid off in 2001, has found a new gig as the Queen's Park columnist for Law Times.

Several former Sun vets have contributed to Law Times over the years, including the current editor, Gretchen Drummie.

Ian, laid off at the Sun after 21 productive years in the newsroom, fills a column vacancy left by Derek Nelson, who has retired to Florida.

"My mug shot runs right next to Alan Shanoff’s mug shot and column, so I’m in good company, though I know I’ll never match Alan’s insight and style," Ian tells TSF.

Not one to sit still, Ian has been freelancing since his exit from Sun Media, with the Star, Globe and Reader's Digest on his list of story buyers.

"I will say that otherwise, the freelance biz is feeling the pinch as several clients shut down sections, freeze freelance budgets and, in some cases, fold publications as the recession erodes ad lineage," says Ian. "It’s tough out here and getting tougher by the minute."

In his spare time, Ian vents on his blog.

Maybe we can talk Ian into writing a TSF piece on freelance writing in the toughest of times.

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