Thursday, 15 January 2009

The numbers

10 - Toronto Sun ad builders in pre-press pink-slipped Tuesday

327 - Total years of media experience they dedicated to the Sun

59 - Jobs trimmed throughout 333 since early December

32 - Editorial jobs cut since early December

120 - Editorial jobs cut since 2001

80 - Editorial jobs remaining at the "major" Toronto daily

0 - Degree of respect Sun Media/Quebecor has for loyalty

0 - Degree of morale and loyalty remaining inside 333

150 - TSF members at the November 2006 Save Our Sun reunion

0 - Chances of Saving Our Sun, as we knew it

350 - Days remaining in 2009, Quebecor/PKP Sun morphing time

179,657 - TSF blog visitors since Dec. 8, 2006

1 million - Number of thanks to TSF contributors who care as much as we do about celebrating the Sun years when loyalty, dedication and heart emanated from all floors at 333

??? - Number of days, months or years before TSF pulls the plug in surrender, realizing we can never go home again as long as Quebecor owns the house

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