Sunday, 4 January 2009

5 columnists cut

Toronto Sun columnists listed online at are a shrinking commodity and it is difficult to keep the keepers and the discards score card up to date.

In the good old days of the Toronto Sun, when Doug Creighton was at the helm, if you didn't see your favourite columnist in the paper for weeks at a time, you didn't fret.

He or she was probably on vacation, maternity leave, on a leave of absence or enjoying an eight-week paid sabbatical for each 10 years of service.

Today, chances are missing columns today mean your favourite columnist has been axed.

At least five regular Toronto Sun columnists have been cut since early December: Freelancers Scott Morrison, John Kerr, Ajit Jain and Nicholas Davis, and veteran full time columnist Linda Leatherdale.

A sixth columnist we have noticed absent for several weeks hopefully is still freelancing and will return soon. Stay tuned.

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